Skin Care

Come experience a Dermalogica® Specialty Facial Treatment and Facial Massage.

Skin Care Treatments (Facials)

The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment – $60+

This treatment is unique to each individual client because of the use of our professional customisation products, including Dermalogica’s unique Complexes and Botanical Mixers throughout the step-by-step process to provide additional benefits to the client’s skin.

Age Smart® Skin Treatment – $85

Are the signs pf ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalising power boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise! The AGE Smart® treatment helps control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing, and is the perfect complement to your AGE Smart® home care regime.

UltraCalming™ Treatment – $80

Red, itching, burning skin – don’t conceal it,. Control it! The UltraCalming™ Treatment calms and soothes by targeting the triggers behind the redness, itching, and stinging, while helping to recover skin health for long-term relief from flare-ups.

MediBac Clearing® Treatment – $85

Jump-start acne clearing with this purifying, detoxifying professional treatment that promotes breakout clearing well beyond the treatment.

Microderm – Diamond Bit – $80

This is a facial procedure that uses a mechanical medium to physically exfoliate the skin, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. It is a resurfacing technique performed in a series of 4 to 8 treatments for best results. These initial treatments can be done every 7 to 10 days apart and you can continue to receive one treatment on a monthly basis for maintenance.

During the treatment, your skin will first be pre cleansed and then cleansed with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, followed by the microdermabrasion wand to resurface your skin, then we tone with a calming toner, apply a hydrating or calming complex from Dermalogica, apply a hydrating or calming masque form Dermalogica, followed by a customized treatment serum and moisturizer, completing your treatment with Dermalogica’s Power Firm eye treatment and Dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Shield SPF30.

Add-on Dermalogica® Treatments – $25

Lactic Peel

LED Therapy