Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone foot massage is a spectacular blend of eastern and modern massage techniques crafted to give a unique experience of relaxation while enabling therapeutic benefits on a person. It has gained popularity due to the increased stress and tensions of everyday life.

Why are stones used?

The stones used for the massage are lightweight and smooth which gives a very relaxing sensation and experience. Hot foot stone massage is very popular and widely accepted as an elevating experience.

Benefits of hot stone foot massage:

Heat is used as a therapeutic treatment to cure many ailments. Here are just a few benefits of the hot stone foot massage:

  1. Increasing circulation and blood flow
  2. Aiding Metabolism
  3. Relieving tension
  4. Eliminating toxins from the body
  5. Increases the intensity and the benefits of a massage
  6. Relaxing specific muscles
  7. Increases the benefits of precise massage techniques

Give your feet a rest with this exceptional healing therapeutic massage along with the added benefits and goodness of a massage

30 Minutes – $30